Product of content and meaning.


Music Videos.

Music video’s can be categorized in terms of style. There are: Performance, band or artist playing. Narrative (Includes story) a Mixture of both performance and narrative based. Camera variety of shots, depending on the style of the video. Close up’s, Extreme close ups of lips, guitar being played, piano being played. Different Angels used, tilts, pans, high angels, low angels. There are many different editing techniques used in music videos. They mainly have jump cuts in them, the footage is edited to match the music. The Mise-En-Scene can vary depending on the genre and style of the music video. The costumes, props, venue/street/merchandise/expressions. 

The story is told by the editing, by the way they put the clips together to go along with the music, moving from one stage or place to another. 

In some music videos aspects of reality are picked upon and reshaped to suit current trends in society (and to make money) and grab the attention of  people interested in their products. To do this media producers use stereotypes because the audience easily understands what is trying to be portrayed.

Women are often represented in a negative light, as sexual objects for men. A good example of this is Lil Wayne’s Lollipop.


Three ways an audience can respond.


Three different ways an audience can respond to a given product is by emotions such as happiness, sadness or excitement. The audience would then normally give their opinion on what they thought of the product, if they enjoyed and why. They will then probably mention the product to other people and start a discussion with other people who have got opinions of the product.

Audience Effects Theories.

The Hypodermic Needle Model –
  • The intended message is directly received and accepted by the receiver.

Reception Theory

  • The meaning of a “text” is not inherent within the text itself, but the audience must elicit meaning based on their individual cultural background and life experiences.

Social action theory

  • Social action theory is used to get a better understanding of actions behind human behaviour such as unrational or rational behaviour. The perspective of the theory is to examine how/ why particular individuals and groups are defined by their behaviour which don’t follow normal behaviour of social groups.
Media dependence theory
  • This theory describes how the media effects the lives of people. There is a variation in this theory which tells how much people depend on the media and what types of the media are the most influential to them.

Media Debates


There has recently been a media debate about Grand Theft Auto. Telling younger children that it is okay to be violent. During the first minutes of the game, there is name calling, offensive language as well as scenes in a strip club, where you can have a lap dance and touch the women. But the founder of the game has defended this saying that all the GTA games have included violence, drug use, alcohol use, poor language and sexual references. Parents don’t agree with the advert for Grand Theft Auto being shown on prime time TV, because of the nature of the game they believe I should be shown after 9pm to stop encouraging children.

There is also a media debate about whether the government should censor television and other media because of it influencing children and young teenagers. People have argued that there would be sex and violence without the media. Some are arguing that some of it should be censored due to the nature of it. If there is a program being nasty about a certain race, gender or belief then it should be due to the offence it will cause to others. There are even arguments that it is intellectual damage to keep children away from swear words, sex and violence.

Another media debate would be Benefits. Should people that don’t want to look for work have the luxury of having benefits and living of tax payers money. 

pick 3 products and describe who they are aimed at and how you know.


Pick 3 products and describe who they are aimed at and how you know? Moshi Monsters are aimed st children between the age  of 6 and 14. I know this because of the way they are designed, the way they look, the colours used, how they are marketed and the way they get promoted. The colours are all bald bright colours, that would stand out when on the TV or internet.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is aimed at 18+ mainly males. You can see this by the dark colours it uses, it makes it seem more of a darker game in the sense of things that can happen throughout the game play. It is aimed at males because of all the activities you can do on the game. E.g. Kill people, drive insanely, drugs and drink etc. 

Vampire Diaries is mainly aimed at teenage girls from the age of 15+. I know this because of the story line through out the series, it goes through many problems that teenagers face; love triangles, wanting an escape from reality, losing friends and loved one, school problems etc. It is also aimed at young women because they have every male played by a attractive young gentlemen, that play the nice, the good, the bad and the evil.