Product of content and meaning.


Music Videos.

Music video’s can be categorized in terms of style. There are: Performance, band or artist playing. Narrative (Includes story) a Mixture of both performance and narrative based. Camera variety of shots, depending on the style of the video. Close up’s, Extreme close ups of lips, guitar being played, piano being played. Different Angels used, tilts, pans, high angels, low angels. There are many different editing techniques used in music videos. They mainly have jump cuts in them, the footage is edited to match the music. The Mise-En-Scene can vary depending on the genre and style of the music video. The costumes, props, venue/street/merchandise/expressions. 

The story is told by the editing, by the way they put the clips together to go along with the music, moving from one stage or place to another. 

In some music videos aspects of reality are picked upon and reshaped to suit current trends in society (and to make money) and grab the attention of  people interested in their products. To do this media producers use stereotypes because the audience easily understands what is trying to be portrayed.

Women are often represented in a negative light, as sexual objects for men. A good example of this is Lil Wayne’s Lollipop.


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