Media Debates


There has recently been a media debate about Grand Theft Auto. Telling younger children that it is okay to be violent. During the first minutes of the game, there is name calling, offensive language as well as scenes in a strip club, where you can have a lap dance and touch the women. But the founder of the game has defended this saying that all the GTA games have included violence, drug use, alcohol use, poor language and sexual references. Parents don’t agree with the advert for Grand Theft Auto being shown on prime time TV, because of the nature of the game they believe I should be shown after 9pm to stop encouraging children.

There is also a media debate about whether the government should censor television and other media because of it influencing children and young teenagers. People have argued that there would be sex and violence without the media. Some are arguing that some of it should be censored due to the nature of it. If there is a program being nasty about a certain race, gender or belief then it should be due to the offence it will cause to others. There are even arguments that it is intellectual damage to keep children away from swear words, sex and violence.

Another media debate would be Benefits. Should people that don’t want to look for work have the luxury of having benefits and living of tax payers money. 


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