Critical Responses – Task 2.


A product addresses the audience by looking at the demographics (the area they live in, which would give a rough estimate on household income) looking at ages, gender, sexuality, likes and dislikes, religion, race, education, occupation, relationship status etc.

Pick 3 products and describe who they are aimed at and how you know? Moshi Monsters are aimed st children between the age  of 6 and 14. I know this because of the way they are designed, the way they look, the colours used, how they are marketed and the way they get promoted. The colours are all bald bright colours, that would stand out when on the TV or internet.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is aimed at 18+ mainly males. You can see this by the dark colours it uses, it makes it seem more of a darker game in the sense of things that can happen throughout the game play. It is aimed at males because of all the activities you can do on the game. E.g. Kill people, drive insanely, drugs and drink etc. 

Vampire Diaries is mainly aimed at teenage girls from the age of 15+. I know this because of the story line through out the series, it goes through many problems that teenagers face; love triangles, wanting an escape from reality, losing friends and loved one, school problems etc. It is also aimed at young women because they have every male played by a attractive young gentlemen, that play the nice, the good, the bad and the evil.

Produces know that they are reaching that target audience because they do market research to find out what age group, gender, sexuality and demographic group would buy in to the product or watch the product.



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